Billeted Ski System

The unique front ski system is not only functional but design with style and flair being a solid billeted piece giving you strength and integrity for years to come! The Frozen MOTO ski system utilizes a four piece bolted design, not a welded design giving you the ability to replace specific parts without the added cost of a complete replacement should you have a little too much fun.

The bolted area is designed as a stress point so they can be easily repaired or replaced on scene and does not allow for the creation of additional damage to your complete snow bike/dirt bike system. The ski plate is designed and bolted directly to the fork and to the unique spindle. Four bolts creating the designed brake away location give you the ability to insert new bolts and continue to ride. This system has been extensively tested and has passed testing with "flying" colors!

The Polaris IQ footprint of the spindle is mounted to the Curve Industries XS ski creating the most advanced and reliable snow bike front end to date! You can also attach any Polaris IQ mountable ski to the spindle.

Two-Mount Mounting System

The Frozen MOTO mounting system is a a two piece design that aids in the patent pending technology. This system combines a small fit mount that connects any bike with a swing arm to the main mount. The first mount attachs to a main frame mount that then attaches to the second pivot point in the geometry at the hub.