Factory Engineered Suspension

Being a company in the emerging snow bike industry Frozen MOTO was faced with some unique and additional challenges. We were amazed when Elka Suspension stepped up to engineer the next level in snow bike suspension and reebgineered shocks for our unparalleled technology.

Partnering with Elka Susupension gives us a dirt and snow sports industry leading suspension manufacturer. Together we are able to couple the most amazing and technologically advanced susupension ever seen in the snow biking industry with the Frozen MOTO track system!

Our team has worked and tested for nearly a thousands of hours last and we continue to give Elka rider driven seat time to create a perfect balance of both single speed and dual speed compression rates giving you protection from both the slower, or big, and faster, or smaller repeated, hits as well. By providing rebound options available on the Frozen MOTO, the Elka Stage 5 platform gives the system an extra container and high speed compression adjustment! You pick your needs and Frozen MOTO builds to those needs again industry firsts in manufacturing and rider driven control.

Frozen MOTO also utilizes one shock on the outside to allows the SMX and SMR track systems to fly thru and alleviate additional strain and stress on the complete track system and rider allowing you to take the most aggressive line through those otherwise miserable whoops on the track and braking bumps on the trail!

What that means to Frozen MOTO and more importantly to you the customer is that Frozen MOTO strives to have rider driven advancment. The SMX and SMR can also be adjusted depending on rider weight and conditions through an interchangeable spring rate coil over which then utilizes fluid not air to match the ever changing challenges and conditions that mother nature can provide allowing you additional hours of riding! From deep powder filled winter days to getting in and out of spring riding on those frozen trails, Frozen MOTO has you covered!