The Track System

The Frozen MOTO SMX and SMR track systems are a patent pending design that incorporates true dirt bike geometry back into this exciting and growing snow bike industry.  At Frozen MOTO we have painstakingly designed these systems around the bike from your bars to the drive and foot pegs then right back to the last idler wheels!

The standard industry 121 track is used in the SMX & SMR track systems. Track location and positioning is a critical aspect when riding differing conditions and having a variable attack angle is critical to get that true "dirt bike" feel.  The patent pending "Broken Rail" allows Frozen MOTO to be the only industry manufacturer allowed to create the versatile attack angle built into every SMX or SMR snow bike, regardless if your a racer or mountain free rider this is an infinitely adjustable system to fit your needs!

The award winning Rekluse clutch is a perfect compliment to your Frozen MOTO system for additional bike/snow bike performance!

Installation Manual