At Frozen MOTO Industries we strive to take a dirt bike and produce a snow bike that is both technologically advanced and driven through rider innovation! Having a love for dirt bikes and feeling like there wasn’t any other option for winter travel we rode snowmobiles over the years in the winter months while returning to a dirt bike in the summer. As time went on a few snow bike designs popped up and we began to watch snow biking. The first few designs out there were definitely pioneering efforts but left something to be desired, to these designs and direction we felt something was missing and so Frozen MOTO continued to wait…

In 2010 Randy Gentry created Frozen MOTO Industries and the first generation system was born. The first system was a sight to look at as it had all sorts of things going on and all from a dirt bike influence! Over the next year, Dan Shanahan got involved with Frozen MOTO and this is when Randy and Dan produced the next generation system, the model year 2012, that incorporated elements of the first system with additional refinement. The result was the SMX and SMR systems! In the Summer of 2012, Dan bought out Randy and moved Frozen MOTO to Lewiston, Idaho while continuing to refine both the technology and process utilized to produce the newest system on the market for 2013.

What this means is Frozen MOTO takes dirt bike geometry and handling and focuses on the direct implementation of that technology into a snow bike application that can be installed in about 30 – 45 minutes. With only the removal and replacement of a few bolts you are able to transform your current dirt bike into the “Ultimate Thrill Ride”! The modern-day snow bike is also not just a trail or groomed trail machine but gives you the ability to have the most freeing experience in the winter months you possibly can! Have you ever skied or snowboarded and sat on the lift for half the day? Not any more again in about 30 minutes you can be riding downhill like everyone else but in the turn of the handlebars you’re now headed the other way back to the top of the mountain in half the time while exploring a whole new route every time!